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Lich King 25n done

Blackscars posted Aug 15, 13
I would like to announce that we have downed LK on 25 normal difficulty. We are first horde guild downed LK on ICC 25n.

Here is the video :)

Enjoy, Watch it in 720p

Tera Awesome!
Luda i just wathced at univercity, that was EPIC!!! no sound tho gonna stream in HD at home well done
Blackscars Video is done, this is what i can do it in 3 hours of vegas learning period
Recently you may observe some stuffs happened in the past a few days. Things are solved and we are reconstructing guild to advance more!

Please read Guild Announcements.

Reconstruction complete :)

Blackscars - Aka (Whitescars)

The idea

Blackscars posted Jun 22, 12

The following content will give you a brief idea about Wicked Sick. When you became a member of the guild, i am sure you will get more fun in game.

Wicked Sick is a horde PVE guild that aims to progress game content and try to get end-game gears. I, guildmaster of Wicked Sick have been playing on NE for some time and experienced different guilds and observe what is missing about all guilds. And come with a idea to build my own guild that fits all missing features that i have seen so far to get more fun in the game.

Gear acquisation system in most guilds are still primitive (Rolling in raid) and causes a lot of problems during raids. Such problem leads unfairness to the game. So, i have implemented EPGP system which makes game more fair and let people get their gear not only doing raid but also contributing guild goals. No more ninjas, off spec rolls, no more friends, no more i deserve much than you, no more PUGs etc. EPGP/DKP systems are used by almost all guilds in retail. More information about EPGP can be found in here.

You got saved on all instances this week and left nothing to do. Hmm this is kinda boring. What about if there are scheduled guild events with prize? We have plenty of guild events that will make game more social and more fun. Check forums, event calendar about more info on guild events.

As i see that most players in NE from USA, which makes European/Asia people get sickness about not raiding with guild mates. I personally play wow between 11:00 - 18:00 with realm time. So, scheduled raids will be earlier when compared to USA timezone. However as we increase the number of players in guild, we will have separate raid groups.

I see no problem if you dont know game content, raiding etc. However if you are not willing to learn such things, dont expect me or other raid leaders to take you in progression raids.

I saw people, just children, dont even know how to show respect, kindness just jerks, Wicked Sick is not a place for such idiots. Therefore being a jerk, brainless is the first reason for you to get kicked from guild without any notice.

If you like the idea and suffered enough, Wicked Sick is a right place for you. Feel free to register website and explore more about Wicked Sick, if you like, fill application form and became a member of Wicked Sick.

Click here to register website

Click here to learn more about guild bank and rules.

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